25+ Amazing Dairy-Free Ninja Creami Recipes to Make (2024)

If you’re looking for Ninja Creami recipes that are dairy-free, we’ve got you covered with this list of tasty treats.

We’re sharing our favorite dairy-free Ninja Creami recipes, plus our best tips for converting other recipes to meet your dietary needs.

25+ Amazing Dairy-Free Ninja Creami Recipes to Make (1)

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​​One of my favorite things about the Ninja Creami ice cream machine is the ability to easily customize ingredients.

Because it works differently than traditional ice cream makers, it’s easy to make frozen treats with ingredients that might not ordinarily work well in other ice cream machines.

This means you can easily create different flavors of frozen treats according to your needs, whether you’re following a low carb or keto diet, are cutting back on sugar, or need dairy free ice creams and sorbets!

Not only are these homemade treats typically much less expensive than buying dairy-free desserts in the grocery store, but you can make them according to your preference and needs, without a bunch of strange ingredients.

So you can still satisfy your sweet tooth, but on your own terms!

The Best Dairy-Free Ninja Creami Recipes

If you’re on the hunt for some fantastic, delicious dairy free Ninja Creami recipes, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you have a dairy allergy or prefer vegan ice cream, there are plenty of delicious options for you.

From homemade ice cream to fruity sorbets to thick milkshakes, there’s something for everyone.

We’ll share some of our favorite ice cream and sorbet recipes for the Ninja Creami machine, that don’t include any dairy in the ingredients, so you won’t have to make any adjustments to the recipe.

Then we’ll give you some tips for adjusting other recipes to be dairy-free, in case you want to make some tweaks of your own.

You can click on the name of the ice cream to go to the recipe, or you can click the pin to save it for later on Pinterest!

1. Ninja Creami Vanilla Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Everybody needs a good vanilla ice cream recipe for the Ninja Creami. Not only can you eat it as-is, but it’s the perfect base for your favorite mix-ins!

Whether you’re adding dairy-free chocolate chips or some chopped Oreo cookies to provide contrast with the creamy texture, it’s a super versatile recipe to have on hand.

2. Ninja Creami Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream

This delicious homemade chocolate ice cream is rich and creamy and oh-so-satisfying!

It’s made with dairy-free instant chocolate pudding mix, which provides flavor, sweetness, and serves as a binder for the ice cream. Coconut cream and dairy-free milk make this an easy recipe.

3. Ninja Creami Dairy-Free Dole Whip

If you love the classic Disney treat, you’re going to love making it at home!

This easy Dole Whip recipe contains no milk or cream, yet it’s a super satisfying and refreshing treat.

It’s the perfect way to enjoy a taste of Disney at home!

4. Ninja Creami Mango Sorbet

This simple mango sorbet recipe is made with canned mango, so there’s no need to chop fresh fruit. It’s ultra-easy!

You can customize the sweetness based on the type of liquid the mangoes are packed in.

5. Ninja Creami Peach Sorbet

Another easy sorbet made with canned fruit, this peach sorbet is a cinch to prepare.

It’s a simple way to prepare refreshing treat you can feel good about!

6. Ninja Creami Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut milk is the star of the show inthis coconut ice cream.

Transport yourself to a tropical oasis with this simple recipe!

7. Ninja Creami Cherry Limeade Sorbet

Skip the drive-through and make cherry limeade sorbet at home!

You’ll need a can of cherry pie filling and some fresh limes to whip up this deliciously refreshing treat.

8. Ninja Creami Peanut Butter Gelato

If you need a dairy free peanut butter ice cream, givethis recipea try!

​You’ll need to do a little bit of cooking for this vegan gelato, but the effort is worth it.

​9. Ninja Creami Violet Lemonade Sorbet

If you love floral and fruity beverages, this violet lemonade sorbet is for you!

Made with violet-flavored syrup, it’s perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day.

10. Ninja Creami Berry Lemon Sorbet

Another pie filling wonder, this berry lemonade sorbet uses dairy-free ingredients to produce a bright and flavorful treat.

11. Ninja Creami Strawberry Jell-O Sorbet

Did you know you can use Jell-O in the Ninja Creami? This strawberry sorbet is all the proof you need!

Create a flavorful sorbet with minimal effort!

While dairy-free, this is not vegan, due to the gelatin, but we’re also sharing a fresh strawberry sorbet recipe a little further down on this list. 🙂

12. Ninja Creami Grape Sorbet

Why stop at strawberry? You can use grape Jell-O to make a delicious grape sorbet that tastes just like a popsicle!

13. Ninja Creami Orange Sorbet

If you’re a fan of orange push pops, you need this orange sorbet in your life! The texture is nice and creamy, despite having no dairy!

14. Dairy Free Peppermint Ice Cream

Thispeppermint ice creamis the perfect dairy-free recipe for Christmas time!

Add a scoop to a cup of coffee for a holiday affogato.

15. Ninja Creami Spiced Pear Sorbet

Canned pears and warm spices make the perfect combo in this creamy pear sorbet! It’s perfectly sweet and lightly spiced, for a guilt-free treat.

16. Ninja Creami Cinnamon Apple Sorbet

Grab a can of apple pie filling and effortlessly transform it into a tasty and refreshing apple sorbet!

If you can’t enjoy apple pie a la mode, this is the next best thing!

17. Ninja Creami Cherry Sorbet

Cherry pie filling makes for a delicious cherry sorbet!

Since it’s only one ingredient, which is already dairy-free, it’s an easy treat you’ll love.

18. Ninja Creami Lemon Sorbet

​If you love frozen lemonade,this lemon sorbetis for you!

​Fresh lemons and agave nectar combine to make a delicious and refreshing frozen treat.

19. Ninja Creami Pina Colada Sorbet

Thiseasy sorbet recipeuses almond milk creamer, crushed pineapple, and coconut cream to bring a taste of the tropics to your kitchen.

20. Ninja Creami Fresh Strawberry Sorbet

All you need is three simple ingredients to whip up this strawberry sorbet that’s full of flavor!

Fresh strawberries, sugar, and water create the most delicious treat that makes use of summer’s bounty.

21. Ninja Creami Pineapple Sorbet

Made with canned pineapple chunks, this is an easy dairy-free pineapple sorbet.

It’s a refreshing treat you can feel good about!

22. Ninja Creami Watermelon Lemonade Sorbet

Combine two of summer’s favorite flavors in this watermelon lemonade sorbet!

Leftover watermelon transforms into a refreshing treat with this easy recipe.

23. Ninja Creami Applesauce Sorbet

Did you know you can make sorbet from applesauce? The Ninja Creami makes it so easy!

Add a bit of sugar and cinnamon, if you’d like, and you’ve got one tasty frozen dessert.

24. Ninja Creami Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

No fall season is complete without some pumpkin spice treats! This Ninja Creami pumpkin pie ice cream is easy to make, with no dairy required!

It’s one you’ll want to make every year!

25. Ninja Creami Milkshake

You can use any of the dairy-free ice creams listed above to make a milkshake in your Ninja Creami! Simply pair with a non-dairy milk and you’ll be set with an easy sweet treat.

Tips for Making Ninja Creami Recipes without Dairy

Maybe you’ve found a recipe that you want to try in the Ninja Creami ice cream maker, but it includes dairy in the ingredients.

If so, a few simple tweaks can usually be made to most Ninja Creami recipes, so you can enjoy a dairy-free version of the recipe.

Here are some of our favorite adaptations you can try:

  • Use coconut cream instead of heavy cream.This provides the fat necessary for a creamy ice cream.
  • Skip the whole milk and use non-dairy milk instead.Almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, etc. are fine choices.
  • Use vegan cream cheese.If a recipe calls for cream cheese, swap in a vegan version instead.
  • Re-spin if the mixture is too icy or crumbly.Adding a tablespoon of non-dairy milk to ice creams before a re-spin can help give a better texture.

We hope that helps to give you some inspiration for making amazing dairy free treats in your Ninja Creami!

Printable Ninja Creami Recipes

If you’d like some delicious printable Ninja Creami recipes, check out Tried and True: 35 Favorite Ninja Creami Recipes!

It contains some fantastic recipes, including 11 dairy-free recipes, all in an easy-to-use printable format that you can download to your device.

Check it out here, or click the image below to learn more!

25+ Amazing Dairy-Free Ninja Creami Recipes to Make (2)

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25+ Amazing Dairy-Free Ninja Creami Recipes to Make (3)

25+ Amazing Dairy-Free Ninja Creami Recipes to Make (2024)
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